Amberley Lobo

Hello everyone, and thanks for joining our Hands Up! Let’s stop bullying for all! Campaign.


If you’re being bullied, then you’re not alone – and you’ve come to the right place for help!




My story

I grew up in the country, so when I moved to a new school in the city, I was picked on a little bit for being different. I was a bit upset, but as soon as I told my parents, it was so much better! It was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


Dare to be different!

People make fun of what they don't know or don’t understand, and that's what's so silly about it! Just because someone doesn't get you, you shouldn’t change yourself to be more like them. If that happened, we would live in a boring world where everyone was the same. Dare to be different, be proud, love yourself and always be you! 


Don’t suffer in silence

If you are being bullied, definitely tell someone about it. Talking things out always makes you feel better. And secondly, if you can, try to ignore it. Be confident in yourself and love yourself enough not to worry about what other people say. You are an amazing person so don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!


Stay positive

Life is so much better when you get along with people. When you have a negative energy towards anything, whether it’s people or situations, it actually ends up dragging you down. Choose to love, and trust me, your life will just be beautiful!


Love, Amberley x



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Hands Up! Let’s stop bullying for all is an anti-bullying campaign from Immediate Media Co’s Youth & Children’s magazines. It is fully supported by the Anti-Bullying Alliance